Ho Chi Minh City is on the way of moving back as a dragon of Asian. Population is more than 8 millions beside travelers and business man on around the world.

Research shows that a huge travelers and peoples on around the world have recently visited or even having long term business and opportunity for their careers here in Ho Chi Minh City as a prospered city.

The new residents need to purchase household appliances including furnture. Ext: Fabric sofa or leather sofa, chairs, dining table, dining chairs, bed and several thing in this. Many of them, wonder, tend and hesitate where and how they can shop for furniture like sofa, chair... and suitable decorating in Ho Chi Minh City. We would like to make some suggestions for shopping for furniture, sofa, chair for your new home here and hope that our suggestions will be helpful.

In HCMC, there are a lot of furniture store located in each district of HCMC especialy inside the comercial building or a mall. Internet is also a good trip to find out your first look with a hundreds of furniture website before offline shopping.

If you are looking for an imported furniture from developed countries, especialy Geman made, Italia made, Denmark. It`s quite easy for you right. Yes you will be sure of quality, good look, top design value. BUT you must spend a huge money from your wallet. YES it is good for your choice.

If you are looking for a cheap furniture, sofa or chairs which we easily explore at any corner of HCMC street, I agree with you. Because you say NO absolutely.

Exclusive European Manufacture with factories in Viet Nam will be proper option for your choice to decorate for your new home. WHY?

Sofa or any furniture is produced under standard of exporting to EU and America which is reduced the shipping fees and another related fees. AND you will be sure with quality, design and affordable price.


Sofa Yourchoice`s key concept is to offer a wide range of beautiful contemporary Sofas and Chairs with a high design value, top quality with focus on environmentally, friendly production at all stage - offered at very competitive and affordable prices.

You can choose the right furniture to make your new home and office more comfortable

Sofa Yourchoice Team